Paul Robertson
68% of girls ages 6-9 years old said the sexy doll looked how she wanted to look

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Fall 2016
Helping Boys Create Healthy Conversations
The Hidden Influence of Cyber Space
Responding to Technologies Hidden Influences

Spring 2016
The Collapse of Parenting
The High Calling of Fatherhood
Statements For a Father to Live By.
Helping Junior High Girls Break Through Cultural Expectations

Fall 2015
Growing Importance of Self and Individuality
Pervasiveness of Online Pornography
Cyberbullying - Cool to Be Cruel
Increasing Number of Mental Issues
Rising Cost of Fatherlessness
Facebook Depression
Abandoning The Faith

Fall 2014
Troublesome Trends in Youth Culture
The Dark Spiral of Teen Suicide
Idealism and the Adolescent Brain
New Seminars

Fall 2013
Student Life Shaped by Technology
Youth Culture Soup, Maps, and Mirrors
The Plague of Porn
7 Youth Culture Trends Every Parents Should Know

Summer 2013
Video Game Addiction
The Age of No Tomorrows
The Power of a Picture
Driving While Intexticated

Fall 2012
The Challenge of Artificial Maturity
"Harasser of the Weak"
Understanding the Teenage Brain
Where Have All the Boundaries Gone?

Spring 2012
What They Don't Understand
Cinderella Ate My Daughter
How To Get More Than a Grunt
And Now The Good News

Fall 2011
School Life Brings Pressure
Helping Kids Cope with Stress
How Technology is Influencing Families

Spring 2011
Facebook Fuels Narcissism
The Trouble With Texting
Understanding Your Teenager
Why Daughters Need Fathers

Spring 2010
Hugging is the new hello
Parents need to talk about... Sex
"Lone-Mothers" a growing trend
New Seminars

Fall 2009
It's All About Me
A generation who adore themselves
Responding to generation me

Spring 2009
Understanding why they do the things they do
Responding to a teen’s new way of thinking
How technology is changing our kids

Fall 2008
The New “At-Risk” Child
Never Too Young to Target
Text and Chat Acronyms
Family Then and Now: One Girl’s Story
Understanding Today’s Youth Seminars

Spring 2008
Girls With Fists
Strong Fathers in Challenging Times
Young Canadians in a Wired World

Fall 2007
And Now… Some Good News
Understanding Current Culture Trends
So what can parents and adults do to counter the cultural forces? How can we help direct our young people into healthy trends?

Spring 2007
Birthdays Without Pressure
The Great Family Meltdown
Children Deserve The Whole Truth on Global Warming

Fall 2006
The T-Shirt Is The Message
A Skin Deep Reflection of Adolescent Life
Five cries of caring parents 

Spring 2006
The Power of Pink 
Helping Teens Make Healthy Decisions
Teens Value Parental Input 
Underarm Appeal 

Fall 2005
A Poker Pup's Potential Problems 
A Game With Deadly Results
The Cultural Seduction of Tweens 
How to Raise Healthier Teens 

Spring 2005
The Age of Innocence Lost 
The Casual Sex Revolution
Cyber Bullies in Your House 

Fall 2004
When Life Imitates Art 
Joan of Arcadia 
Is Anyone Really Listening? - how to listen to teens
 Spring 2004
Peer Orientation Spells Problems
Men's Magazines Have New Audience 
Report on Fathers Only Half the Story  
Media in the Minds of Christian Youth

Fall 2003
The Buying and Selling of Teenagers 
Foul Language Turns TV Blue 
Vice City: Don't Go There 
Tobacco: Almost Instantly Addictive

Spring 2003
The Increasing Wave of Indecency
When Teen Pop Culture Meets Porn
Violent Media CAUSES Violent Behaviour
Child Advisory: Explicit Parental Behaviour

Fall 2002
A Trip Through Seventeen 
Anxiety and Depression Too Soon
Childhood Divorce Latest Rock Theme 
The Impact of Music Videos

Spring 2002
Searching for Spiritual Direction 
If It Feels Good It Must Be True

Sexual Revolution Starts Early 
Girl Bullying a Growing Problem
Fall 2001
Fall 2001
Not the World I Remember 
Wrestling With the WWF
Freak Dancing Latest Rage 
Cult of Thinness Killing Our Girls 
Raving the Night Away