Paul Robertson
51% of teen girls say they feel pressure to take and send explicit photos of themselves

No matter what you may think, if you are over the age of 25, you don’t understand what it is like to be a teenager. 

No boundaries.  No families.  No innocence.  No truth.  No time to just be a kid.

  • For every parent who has lost a child to the influences of pop culture and wondered how you can win them back…

  • For every youth worker or pastor who wants to understand how the constantly evolving world of youth culture can help you meet the needs of more young people…

  • For every professional, social worker and educator who have ever had to deal with the shrugs and complaints of a kid who needs your help...

... Paul Robertson and the Understanding Today’s Youth seminars are here to give you, the adult, the tools you need to create a more meaningful relationship with the young person who matters to you. By focusing on the latest changes in youth culture, Paul’s seminars and Understanding Today's Youth newsletters will keep you informed and prepared to meet kids where they are. Any one of his 16 equipping seminars will leave you with valuable book resources, websites, handouts, and practical suggestions for understanding today’s youth.

"In a day and age of Christian celebrity, Paul Robertson is a
breath of fresh air. He combines his deep faith, his experience as a dad,
his humility, and his knowledge of contemporary youth culture
in a package that is extremely helpful and engaging."
- Dr. Walt Mueller, President
Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
Elizabethtown, PA