Paul Robertson
68% of girls ages 6-9 years old said the sexy doll looked how she wanted to look

Youth at Risk - How to best equip parents to help young people
How Kids Make Decisions
Having a real relationship in todays culture (Part 1/2)
Having a real relationship in todays culture (Part 2/2)
Effective Media Outreach - How To Use Social Media For Good
Effective Media Outreach - Youth Initiative

TV Interview -
HPV vaccination

Paul provides some cultural insights for parents wrestling with the new HPV vaccination controversy.

Parent Endorsement

A parent shares her appreciation for the seminars and help Paul has been to her.
TV Interview - Family Meltdown
Listen Up which airs on Global asked Paul for his insights on what parents and the community can do to help today’s troubled teens (2:53). See whole show at .
Paul Robertson - Video Clip A two-minute video clip from a presentation in Minneapolis, MN 2006.