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"Understanding Today’s Youth" seminars have been given to a variety of groups - social workers, professionals, service clubs, civic leaders, public elementary school parents/teachers, youth workers and pastors, Christian school parents/teachers, and student leaders.  Each seminar is a dynamic, multi-media presentation designed to create better relationships with young people through a deeper understanding of their culture.        

Seminars can be adapted to fit a variety of time frames - from one hour workshops to six hour, all day presentations. Content and issues of seminars can also be adjusted to address the pertinent issues for any particular group. Seminars include handouts, reference material, and books for sale.

The special promotional PDFs are also available free of charge for all seminars.  Great for making posters or emailing PDFs to your contacts.  Click on PDF to enlarge .



Smart Parenting for a Smartphone Generation
They are the first generation for whom in Internet access is constantly available wherever they are and this has serious consequences. This seminar will look at some of these consequences such as declining mental health, growing up more slowly, struggles with real relationships, and smartphone addictions. Practical helps on how we can respond as parents, youth workers, and teachers will also be provided.


The Implications of Growing Up in Cyber Space
Cyber space is a real place where the boundaries of our reality no longer apply. We live with the illusion that the cyber environment is safer than real life. We give little thought to how it is transforming our kids’ lives. This seminar will take a detailed look at how cyber space is quietly shaping the behaviours of children and teens online. Topics covered will include addictive behaviours, selfies, sexting, toddlers and tablets, narcissism, cyber romance, and the need for endless feedback from people they don’t even know.


Understanding The Teenage Brain
Everyone knows teenagers are perplexing, fascinating, and energetic creatures. What confounds most adults is what is going on in their brains. There is no doubt how a teen thinks and acts is still a work in progress. They may look like adults but their brains are still very much adolescent. This seminar, utilizing the latest research and studies available, takes an in-depth look at the physical, emotional, and social changes they are going through as their ability to think changes. Practical parenting and youth worker strategies are also included to help unravel the mystery of the teenage mind.


Automatic Updates
The revolution in the living room is well under way. Our children can no longer be separated from digital technology and it is having a serious effect on all areas of their development. Everything from how their brains grow to how they relate socially is being automatically updated with every new innovation. This seminar will look at how our young people are being restructured by new technologies and how we can respond in positive ways as parents and youth workers.


7 Youth Culture Trends Every Parent or Youth Worker Should Know
This seminar is designed to help parents, youth workers, and educators better understand the current trends and culture shapers affecting today’s young people. Shapers such as… celebrity narcissism, moral relativism, tolerance, materialism, bullying, youth violence, cheating, cruelty, cohabitation, fatherlessness, overt sexuality, body image pressures, lack of human relationships, power of visual imagery, anxiety and depression, lack of shame, and impact of media on brain development.


Setting Boundaries to Build Character 
A person’s character is one’s destiny. Boundaries are designed to help kids grow into healthy, responsible adults. The problem is many parents struggle with setting boundaries and enforcing them. This seminar is designed to help parents and grandparents establish and enforce healthy boundaries for their children today in order to develop solid character for the future.



Understanding Media - Making Wise Choices 
Parents and kids alike are spending hours every week with media. Media and our young people have become one. You can no longer separate a teen from the digital technology they consume daily. The question is whether or not we are choosing the right things to watch and listen to. This seminar looks at how media shapes all of us, how teens make decisions often influenced by media, and a process for discerning right from wrong in our media selections.


Understanding a Generation Who Adore Themselves
Our youth culture has fallen in love with Me, Myself, and I. This seminar looks at the growing trend of naricissim - its implications for our kids and how we can help them cope with the growing pressure to focus only on themselves.


Understanding the Tween to Teen Transition
The movement from tween to teen is predictable. Some days will be fair while others will be stormy. There is no way of know what tomorrow may bring be we can prepare. This seminar takes a detailed look at the role of culture in the physical, emotiona, mental, moral, and social changes our kids go through.


Understanding Why They Do the Things They Do
Take a journey to the center of a young person’s brain and discover the reasons why they act and make the decisions they do.

Understanding the Casual Sex Revolution

Focused on the social factors that have contributed to the new casual sex revolution, adults can begin to develop a positive response to this critical issue.


Understanding Technology - Protecting Your Kids    
The new alternative universe of technology can be a frightening place for parents.  This seminar looks at a variety of the new technologies, parental concerns, privacy issues, and practical ways parents can monitor screen time.


Understanding Their World, Hearing Their Cries
See the world of today’s youth as it really is - a world of changing family structures, powerful media influences, and postmodern moral relativism.


Understanding the Five Cries of Caring Parents 
Research shows kids can be greatly helped if they are able to draw on five great sources of strength from their parents; each of these represent the desire to become a better parent and deals with a basic issue in the home.


Understanding and Talking Culture With Kids    
Our kids are struggling with an endless list of cultural issues often without adult input.  This seminar looks at some of the latest youth culture trends and provides a framework for understanding and havingintelligent conversations about them.